Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pure gold

Her name is COTTON. This beautiful elderly female golden eagle came to me yesterday thanks to Bart Kroger, WGF Biologist from Worland. She was found in an oil field unable to fly. It is the same field where he'd found a dead golden under a transformer. I don't know if it was the male of this pair or not.

COTTON has a very severe wound to her right wing near her wrist. If it is from an electrocution there could be even more damage as time goes on because it kills from within. You'll note she's also wearing a sandal on her right foot as she doesn't have full use of it right now.

Thanks to help from Mike, and taking 20 minutes to remove them, all the maggots in the wound are gone. He held her while I picked, not a pleasant job for any of us but both bird and man came through with flying colors. I'm treating the wound with two meds and she's on antibiotics. Right now her attitude is excellent and she even ate a half of a rabbit yesterday after her wound treatment.

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