Thursday, May 12, 2016

New roomies

His name is TINKER TOY and he's about five weeks old. He's the eighth baby GHO I've received in the last few weeks. As you've seen in earlier posts, the fifth and sixth are younger so I still have to hand them their whole mice to swallow. Number seven, CAT, is in this photo to the right and I think he's probably coming eight weeks old. Almost old enough to go out with my foster mom as he's picking up and eating his meals without my help.

The new little fellow, on the left, altho older, is very starved and would not have made it if the finders hadn't spotted him alongside the road. I got him to eat three mice, cut up and soaked in water, and will give him more before nightfall. I don't want to stuff him in his condition as his system may shut down.

With the prey base of rabbits so high this year there has been a bumper crop of baby GHOs. Hopefully the need to rescue them will slow down as they get old enough to branch and then fly with the support of their parents.

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