Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New digs

As I'm not able to put my two new GHO babies, SPRUCE and PINEY, in a foster nest, they needed a place to stay here where my foster mom, SMIDGE, can see to mentoring them. Thank goodness for Nathan, he's awesome and can build anything. When I called and explained what I wanted he arrived with his tools and immediately started in.

Here are the babies in their new place. It's in one of my 6x6 foot mews so they aren't that far away and I can also keep SMIDGE happy. She is not trained in any way but had fostered babies in the past. The best thing is this mew is on my camera monitoring system so I can check on everyone without disturbing them.
When S&P are old enough they'll all go out into my owl flight area so they can stretch their wings and become ready for release.

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