Saturday, May 14, 2016

CAT is back with mom

Another installment in the saga of the baby GHOs. I received a call from the dispatcher that there was yet another baby owl on the highway. From the same nest as CAT, the one who came out again after being replaced once. By the time I got to the site that new baby had already dodged all the vehicles and made it safely to the other side of the highway. His mom was right there and he was up in a tree.

I thought, AHA! I can bring CAT back and place him in that tree and all would be okay. By the time I dashed home, gathered up CAT and got back to the tree the other baby was gone. I put my little guy on the highest branch I could reach and sat there for a long time just watching him. He never moved, just scanned all around.

Because I knew which way the mom had flown I decided to take him that direction. He let me catch him but started hissing and clacking the whole time I crawled my way up the shale on the hillside. I got almost halfway up when I saw mom fly back and land in the tree I was aiming for. And even with my deafness I could hear awful sounds coming from her. I tossed CAT into a clear area under the tree and beat a hasty retreat. Going down was quicker but I did part of it sitting down and sliding.

I am so thrilled that this chance came along and my baby is where he belongs.

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