Monday, May 2, 2016

Four and five

Last year I only got in one baby GHO, this year is way different. As you saw in previous posts, I made a new nest for two babies and then fostered in another when mom was offside chewing me out. Everyone settled in just fine.

Today I got a call from a G&F Biologist, Erika Peckham. She had to go and pick up two more babies, these about three weeks old. The nest was so buried in a large evergreen that she couldn't get them back to it. Even with a tall ladder, the nest was about 25' high, it was another 10' to the center of the tree to the nest.

I now have the fourth and fifth baby GHO but at this point they'll have to stay here. I don't have any other nests available with only one or two chicks and the adults would have a hard time raising more than three.

They were found in the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery in down town Gillette. Now to think up some names.

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