Monday, May 23, 2016

Eleven and twelve

You can see the nest halfway up the one square metal frame.

Paul holding LITTLE PICKLE, Susan has SPARKY. The nest is in the middle of the left tower surrounded by very high voltage wires.

LITTLE PICKLE on the left weighs 37 ounces, SPARKY on the right comes in at 30 ounces even tho he looks larger.
Yes, more baby GHOs have arrived at Ironside. These were a rescue in the sense that mom used an old raven nest and it was in a very dangerous place. It was up on a tower at a WAP substation in between lines that carried 150,000 and 69,000 volts of electricity. I got a call from their environmental person, Andrea, last week but it wasn't until today that the babies could be removed from the nest.

Mommy was very upset but had the chicks stayed in the nest they would probably not have survived their branching stage. The only place they could have tried to land would have killed them. For that reason they were removed from the nest and that was knocked down so neither the ravens or the owl would have it to use next year.

Thanks to Paul Davis and Chad Rausch for the rescue. Chad went up in a bucket truck, Paul climbed the structure so they could come at the nest from both sides to keep the babies from jumping out. It worked just perfectly.

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