Thursday, May 5, 2016

OMG! Success

This is a series of photos taken a short time ago and only about three hours after this baby GHO was rescued from the highway. I called Rocky Mount Power and, as usual, they immediately came to help. Thanks to Matthew Gallaway running the bucket, I was able to return the chick to the "nest". I was also surprised to find not one but two others there. Mom had flown off to a distant tree and watched closely to what was happening.

Matthew pointing out the best way to the nest site. It was on top of the billboard support pole in between the sides.
Susan & baby before climbing into the bucket.
Almost there.
Ready for placing into the nest.
The three babies. See why it can hardly be called a "nest"? I don't know how she managed to keep the eggs from falling off let alone have the babies manage to stay there too.
Photos thanks to Matthew, Rick and Ron Blanchard

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