Sunday, May 1, 2016

All together now

Human Spencer, Susan with feathered SPENCER, Tyler and Ryan before the big event.

Mom heading out.

Up the ladder one more time. Both parents were doing a lot of hooting the whole time I was near the nest.

Another first for me. Today I took little SPENCER out to where I'd replaced a horrible nest with a large basket. The goal was to put this new baby owl in with the two already at home there. I'd checked with the experts at The Owl Foundation in Vineland, ON, Canada to see if they thought it would work and got a green light.

Mom was on the nest when we got there so I wasn't sure if I'd have to do a lot of ducking but she did fly off when I'd reached about half way up the ladder. I popped SPENCER into the nest and about two seconds later he'd hopped out the other side and pin balled his way down to the ground. He was caught up again, put back in the nest along with a half of a rabbit for mom to feed the kids.

I got a call from Betsy that just minutes after we all left the area the mom was back on the nest and all three chicks were there too. As of now it looks like this will work. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Very interesting! Hopefully this will be a great success. :-)

  2. You can ALWAYS count on 'human' Spenser, Tyler and Ryan to save the day. Way to rescue!