Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Permitted killing of eagles

Today I read in our Cody Enterprise that the federal government is backing down and allowing the killing of two Bald Eagles by the Northern Arapaho tribe on the Wind River reservation. Here is my letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

I was absolutely horrified to read that our federal government is going ahead and allowing one Indian tribe permission to kill two Bald Eagles “for religious purposes”. They say the birds are important to their way of life. They can be more important as a live bird flying free than a dead carcass.

Everyone in this country is up in arms when they read about terrorists killing people “in the name of religion”. Why is it okay to kill these magnificent animals just because they’re birds. No ceremony makes it okay to destroy our National symbol. The Northern Arapaho tribe should move into the 21st century and learn to live with our wildlife and not just go out and kill them. There are too many eagles already killed by humans, by wind farms, vehicles, poisons, etc.

The tribes can get bodies and feathers from the federal feather depository, they don’t have to destroy live birds. By killing these two bald eagles they are also killing two pairs, not just two birds as they mate for life and may not find another. Also destroyed are any chicks that those two pair would produce in their lifetimes. That could total into dozens of bald eagles not allowed to live.

When I saw that the government had denied the permit I was overjoyed. Now I am saddened that our people in Washington are backing down and giving in and allowing this barbaric practice by one tribe. (NOTE: they also allow the Hopi tribe to steal baby goldens out of their nests and kill them in religious ceremonies. Not just two but dozens) They should be ashamed for their weakness and backing down in providing protection for these awesome Bald Eagles. I applaud the Eastern Shoshone tribe for opposing the killing.

Susan Ahalt
Ironside Bird Rescue, Inc., Cody

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  1. I am just so horrified by this, I can't even begin to express myself. Your letter says a lot, thank you for writing it. And as you point out, they have the National Eagle Repository, so they don't need to do this to keep their culture and religious beliefs alive. I talked to Chuck about it, and he feels it is a done deal, and it probably won't be looked at by another court. You can just imagine how he feels about this. A sad day, for people who love and appreciate wildlife.