Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Short trip this time

Amazingly this young GHO was found by three people. The first call came this morning at 7:30, the second at 8:45 and the third person was in the road waving people off so they wouldn't run over him. BRIDGER was probably hit by a car either last night or early this morning. I believe he's only about four to five months old.

Xrays show that he has a mid-shaft fracture of both his right radius and ulna. He will go in on Thursday morning to have them repaired. He's not feeling very swell, as you can see in this photo. Learning how to stand up while one wing is bandaged takes some effort and right now he's just not into that. He's propped up on his perch. He also doesn't want to open his eyes so I did put some drops in them.

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