Friday, July 15, 2016

And another baby

This is a species I don't get that often altho they aren't rare. His name is LANDON and he's a Prairie Falcon about three months old. He was found on Greg Anderson's ranch in Pavillion which is near Riverton. Thanks to Jessica Beecham of the WGF for meeting me at our usual place, the Quality Inn, in Thermopolis.

Xrays show he has a fractured radius in his left wing near his elbow joint. He's wearing a support bandage right now and for a couple weeks, to see if that will keep the bones in place. They are in good alignment right now so the prognosis is pretty great.

Now to explain the name. I have to stretch sometimes to come up with one. Okay.....Remember Michael Landon, Little House on the Prairie???? Told you it was a stretch. I believe this is a male and with his attitude he should do well. Unfortunately a majority of this species are insane, I can only hope he's not.

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