Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Number four

This is TIP and he was found in the middle of the road about 15 miles from Buffalo. Yes, Buffalo. This time I didn't have to drive the whole way, USFWS biologist, Pauline Hope and her husband met me in, where else, Tensleep. That's about half way so saved us both driving.

I have no idea what's wrong, he's not starving, altho only weighs 6#7oz. He does tend to stand with his wings extended but they don't seem broken. I'll take him in tomorrow for xrays and blood work. And if he cooperates, a stool sample.

He looks a bit ragged around the edges but Pauline dribbled some water on his head as it was very hot there and I wanted to try and cool him off. As soon as he fluffs his neck feathers he'll be all beautiful again.

As noted in the heading, this is the fourth baby golden eagle now here, all around 12 weeks old. The two in the flight barn are gaining strength and trying to fly up to the low wall perch. The third one is TESSA who is going in tomorrow for surgery.

And don't forget the baby bald eagle, ROBIN, who is also 12 weeks old. She has a broken wing and appears to be very visually handicapped. She can see some out of her right eye, nothing in the left. She'll go into Dr. Barry Welch as soon as I can get an appointment.

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