Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Double trouble

(l-r) TAYLOR, DOVE and SEBASTIAN on top of the tower. She's a super mentor to these awesome babies.
Not really trouble but there are now two baby golden eagles in the flight barn with DOVE. The second one came today from a tree nest on a ranch south of Cody. For the past two years this pair has produced one chick each year and took care of them until they left the nest. Then it was as if the adults figured the kids could look after themselves. Unfortunately both years the babies died. Two years ago it was found dead on the property. Last year the chick was found alive but only four pounds and severely infested with lice. He did not live another day.

Last year Matt and I decided it wouldn't happen again so we've been keeping an eye on this years baby. He came out of his nest a few days ago, was seen on the ground and one adult seemed to be keeping tabs on him. Until yesterday. The baby, TAYLOR, was found on the ground again with the adult in the nest.

Today the chick was sitting on a fence post near the nest and when I approached him he flew off. But not very far and only a few feet off the ground. After watching him crash into a bush hedge I was concerned. Another short, low flight ended up in more bushes. Luckily I had two nets and there were a couple of the ranch people willing to help. I can't run very fast anymore but one of the men could and did.

The baby is now in the flight barn with SEBASTIAN and under the watchful eye of DOVE. He's pretty thin so he'll be given all the food he needs to get strong enough for high, long flights. He's approximately the same age, nine to ten weeks, as SEB so they should bond. I've been saying "he" but this may be a female.

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