Saturday, July 16, 2016


I AM SO ANGRY. This morning, with no advance warning, the USFWS agent showed up and told me he was there to take DOVE. He was meeting a G&F person in Thermop in a few hours to transfer her into another crate. Then she'll be handed off to a number of different people to shuttle her to AZ and the Indian zoo. I have no idea if the transport crate is large enough or has soft padding on the floor. Or if they cover it to make it dark so she'll calm down. All I know is that she'll be stuck in some crate for over 24 hours on her way to my idea of hell.

Now the two 10 week old baby goldens in her care will no longer have a mentor or role model. But gee, the damn Indians will have yet another bird to molt feathers for their costumes. DOVE leaves an amazingly, peaceful, calm home to go to a zoo, literally. And in 100 degree weather just to make it worse.

At her age, if she decides life over death, she could be forced to live there for possibly 20 years. Just for feathers, to hell with what's best for her or all the good she's done for the baby eagles in her care in the past and could have done in the future. I AM SO ANGRY!

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