Friday, July 15, 2016

Sad day

A very sad day as I had to put my beautiful adult female golden eagle, COTTON, to sleep. Her original injury was from what appeared to be an electrocution to her right wing. After treating the wound didn't work we amputated the wing at the elbow. She would then become an educational bird as she obviously would not fly again.

Also showing some damage was her right foot. We removed the outside toe as it was frozen, she couldn't straighten out the talon. She appeared to be doing just fine, ate everything she was given, and new feathers were coming in at the wing surgical site.

Unfortunately her foot swelling never completely went away and recently it appeared to be coming back. She was unable to make a fist (curl her toes) and the bottom of the foot was becoming bruised. Because that foot would never come back to normal, and the bruising would get worse and worse, I made the decision to humanely euthanize her today. She was an awesome lady and will be greatly missed.

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