Sunday, July 24, 2016

And again

Another long road trip today. This time to Sheridan to pick up a baby bald eagle. Her (I think it's a female) name is ROBIN and she's about three months old. Her history is not nice. She was seen on the ground under the nest tree a bit over a week ago. The game warden came out to check on her and said he didn't think there was anything wrong, she was just young. There was at least one sibling still in the nest.

A couple days later it was thought that ROBIN was flying but that turned out to be the sibling, ROBIN couldn't be seen. A couple more days and the land owner spotted her in the tall grass and called a few people, finally getting ahold of Teton Raptor Center. They told her to immediately call me. I gave the land owner instructions on care so she gathered the baby up, got some raw meat down her and settled her in for the night.

Now for the trip. Because she was in Buffalo, and because the road between Buffalo and Tensleep was closed due to a wildfire, Cody Schoonover of the Sheridan G&F office said he would make the almost 50 mile drive to the ranch east of Buffalo to pick up the baby eagle and take her back to their office. That was last night. He called me a little before midnight to say he had her and she was good.

I left my house around 7:30 this morning for the three hour drive to Sheridan. Then to add to that trip was another added 35 miles to Buffalo (I ended up going there after all) to pick up a very thin baby kestrel found on the ground under his nest. Thanks to the Buffalo Veterinary Hospital for keeping him overnight and feeding him some raw chicken. Back to Sheridan and then home. From 7:30am to 3:00pm in my truck.

Sad news is that the baby kestrel, a little male, died as I was driving over the mountain in the Big Horn National Forest. The eagle is doing okay but she'll go in tomorrow to have her left wing xrayed as I think it's broken. She's very thin, only 6#6oz. She's had fluids and elk steak so far and will get more food before I go to bed.

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