Tuesday, July 19, 2016


That's the only way to describe the look on this little owls face. This is GOLDIE, an adult male Long-eared Owl who came to IBR from Sheridan. Thanks to Cody Schoonover and Bruce Scigliano of the WGF I only had to drive about an hour and a half to meet them at Observation Point in the Big Horn National Forest.

I have no idea what caused the damage to his left wing. They are night hunters so he probably either hit an overhead wire or branch. His radius and ulna are broken but in very good alignment. He goes in tomorrow to see if surgery is necessary or if the cast will hold the wing secure enough for the bones to mend.

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  1. We found Goldie on our place on Monday. He was upset and scared. We have a family of owls that live in our tree by our pond. We love watching them and hearing them communicate with each other. We are happy Goldie is going to be ok. Thank you for taking good care of him until he is all healed up.