Thursday, July 21, 2016

DOVE update

I just received a letter from the federal office in Denver informing me that DOVE, who was taken from here on Saturday, the 16th, was expected to be delivered to the Navajo zoo sometime today. TODAY! I was originally told she would be getting there the day after she was taken. It's a 15 hour drive from here to the zoo. This is five days later. Oh, I've been told that she's doing fine and being cared for but in what manner? What type of mews has she been in? And in how many since leaving here? Being caught and crated is very stressful to any wild bird so if they had her moved even a couples times between being on the road, she's suffered.

There's a big difference between want and need. The Indians "want" golden eagles, not balds, for their feathers. I "needed" DOVE for what she provided to other eagles, babies especially. The Indians won't see her heart or mind, just the numbers of feathers she molts for them. Perhaps bragging about "how many golden eagles we have". I saw her beautiful soul and the energy she gave to the young birds.

I sure wish I would win one of those big lotteries so I would have the money to sue the DOI and USFWS to rescind that discriminatory ruling made in 2010 giving the Indians the right to take whatever eagles they want and to hell with the rest of the taxpayers whose money probably built a good percentage of their aviaries.

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  1. Dove had a more important roll in life with you, this is just so sad, not only for Dove, but for future young eagles she could have helped in a rehab situation.