Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two more

This time I got a call about some baby Northern Flickers that were found on the ground under the nest hole and they were dead. It was at YVI near Wapiti so I hauled my extension ladder there and climbed up to see how many of the others were alive. There were a total of six chicks and only these two were still alive. Both of them are red-shafted and probably only 2-3 weeks old.

Right now they're a bit traumatised and leery of me. I did get some mealworms down them and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon they'll start begging to be fed so I don't have to open their mouths to feed them. They are in a box with a piece of bark on the outside. There is a natural hole in it as you can see on the inside. This way they'll feel secure.

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