Sunday, June 26, 2016

New residents

Today I received two hawks from the Teton Raptor Center in Wilson, WY. Both these birds needed some more room to stretch their wings so they are now in my 17'x 20' flight mew. They have damaged some of their wing feathers, this will give them a chance to replace those and gain muscle strength for release. As they have only been flying on a creance (long line), the open area won't restrict where they go and how they get there. They'll go into my 32'x 48' hawk flight barn when ready.

Thanks to TRC for trusting me again with the care of their birds. The swainson's (bottom) will go back to ID where he came from when ready. The redtail (top) will be released in a good habitat around here. He is a baby of last year so doesn't have a home territory.

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