Monday, June 20, 2016

From far away

Last night I received a call from Alcova, WY which is just west of Casper. It concerned what the person thought was a sick or injured baby magpie. She said it didn't have a tail and seemed to have balance problems. As she was worried about a predator taking it I told her to put the baby in a cat carrier for the night. Alcova is almost a four hour drive from Cody and when I told her that I was unable to make that trip she volunteered to drive the bird here.

Nina and Peter Morzenti arrived this afternoon and what I found when I opened the carrier is a half grown, perfectly normal, black billed magpie. His name is ALVIN and I can't find anything wrong with him other than he's just a youngster who should be branching in the nest tree. For some reason none of the adults would take over the care of this baby. Thanks to these good samaritans this baby has a chance of living life in the wild. He's not flighted yet but doesn't seem to have any problems walking around his cage. He's also eaten some of my corvid diet.

I don't believe there's anything wrong that time won't fix. When he's grown a bit more I'll put him in a flight area and then release him, possibly right here as I do have magpies living around the area.

Thanks to the Morzenti's for driving ALVIN up here so he can gain experience and be released back to the wild.

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  1. Nina here, you look much stronger, Alvin, than when I found you on Sunday. Who knew how long you may have been without food... nothing from 10-5 Sunday while I watched to see if any adults came to tend you. While you were so attentive after the supper I gave you, your left leg and toes were still not functioning well and your tattered tail feathers made me suspicious about your well-being. A good night's rest had you perkier but still a bit off balance in the morning. Your attentive and content behavior in the carrier during our ride to Cody was encouraging.. you gently pecked my finger, drank water with mushed cat munchies and seemed to enjoy soothing, classical music. Wish there were other magpies for company/example. Glad to know you'll have time to concentrate on your skills. I'll keep in touch with Susan for updates on your progress. I miss your quiet sense of appreciation during our short time together, Nina