Thursday, June 23, 2016

Accident victim

It happened this afternoon near Byron. Mom was killed on the road leaving this young buck deer alone in the world. Luckily Jennifer Massey was driving along when she saw the fawn on the side of the road. She called me to see if I handled anything other than birds. I do and drove to meet her in Powell to get the baby.

The bad news is that he was so bewildered he ran off. She followed him and when he finally laid down she thought she could catch him. Unfortunately he jumped up but was near the edge of a drop-off and went over the side for some distance ending up in a shallow creek. Jennifer quickly ran down the hill and gathered him up. She held him upside down while water ran out of his mouth.

He can't stand and has trouble holding his head steady but I did get some goat milk with lactated ringers down him a hour and a half ago. Right now he seems a bit better but only time will tell. The trauma of rolling down the hill and the sudden stop at the bottom may have caused enough damage he won't recover. I have my hopes up that he will make a full recovery and be released when ready. Oh yes, his name is BOY GEORGE.

UPDATE: Sad. Unfortunately his condition has deteriorated. He seems to be having seizures and cannot see. He was humanely euthanized.

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