Sunday, June 12, 2016

Babies everywhere....

I haven't received many songbirds in the past years but this year changed all that. These photos show my kitchen counters filled with baby cages. And in my north room is the container holding the seven newly hatched pheasants.

On the counter, from left to right, in a small box, is a baby Brewer's Blackbird, about four days old. In the round cage there are four starlings who were found in the front end of a fifth wheel when the owners went to move it. Then comes the large blue crate. Those are the two kittens I'm fostering for our animal shelter. They were 3.5 weeks old when I got them, now are eight weeks and waiting for their forever home. A girl and boy, spayed and neutered, who will be wonderful pets for anyone.

Then on top of their crate is a cage with two Robins and three Brewer's Blackbirds. They will be ready for release possibly in this next week. Seems all I do is stuff bugs, worms, seed food and fruit into open mouths every time I turn around.

And of course there's the eight Mallard ducklings out in the rodent/cage room..........

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