Friday, June 17, 2016

Rescued baby

This is SEBASTIAN, a baby Golden Eagle found out of his nest near Upton, WY. He was seen for five days before Don decided his mom wasn't feeding him down there. He gathered him up last night, called the Teton Raptor Center in Jackson (didn't have my number) and settled him in a crate for the night.

Teton called me this morning about his plight so I started calling all the game wardens in the area. Luckily both Game Wardens Dustin Kirsch of Gillette and Troy Achterhof of Newcastle called me back. Troy volunteered to drive more than an hour to pick up the chick and meet me in Gillette this afternoon. It's a four hour drive for me but we met exactly on time. After a pit stop for some water I headed back to Cody.

As there were two other much larger chicks in the nest it was decided to bring him here as he might have just been pushed out again. SEBASTIAN is about 45-50 days old and is in better condition than I'd expected. This morning he packed away some venison that Don had thawed for him and I skinned a cavy for him this evening. He ate the whole thing!

Saturday UPDATE: I gave him a whole, skinned, cavy this morning and he's doing all the ripping and tearing on his own.

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