Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rare occurence

This year the rabbit population all over the area is at a high. Because of that there are more raptor babies being produced and today I found a rare happening. Most raptors, other than some small falcons, have 1-2 chicks a year. As noted in previous posts, GHOs are here in great numbers.

This morning I got a call from Bob Olberding of Briess Co. near Ralston. You know them, the huge silos along the north side of the road. For three of the past four years a pair of Red-tailed Hawks have nested on a small platform at the top of one of the really big silos. Last year they weren't there but they made up for it this year.

His name is QUAD as he is one of four redtail chicks in that nest. He may or may not be the smallest of the litter but he did take a very nasty fall to the pavement 90' below the nest. Perhaps he just took one too many steps to the left, or perhaps he was pushed out by the others. It appears to be a very large area and a good nest so we'll never know.

He's a bit thin so I brought him here for feeding up. I will put him in with BONNIE 3, my foster redtail, but not for a few days. Bob said he would keep me informed as to when the other three chicks fledge so I can return QUAD to his parents. Remember, birds can't count and with his mirror and then foster mom, he'll know he's a hawk and fit right back in with the group.

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