Monday, June 27, 2016

Baby of another kind

Just as I was heading out to release my baby magpie I got a call from the G&F saying they'd found a young great blue heron near the river. He wasn't very strong so they gathered him up. His name is STICKS and I don't know what's wrong. His left wing droops a bit and his left leg seems weak too. He is also covered with dried mud as if he fell and took some time to get to his feet.

I tubed him with some critical care food for meat eaters and have some shrimp thawed for another meal. Hopefully he'll eat on his own and get strong enough for release.

UPDATE: I found out why he's limping, the left acetabulum is fractured. At this time I'm giving him a chance to heal altho he may always have a hitch in his getalong. They don't have to run down food, usually stroll in the water or shore and find something to catch.

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