Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yet another baby

This one isn't as young as TUMBLER but not very long out of her nest. Her name is HOBBIT and she appears to be about almost three months old. She was found west of Deaver unwilling to fly very far or high. At this time I can't see anything wrong, she weighs 7# 11oz which is a good weight for this age golden eagle.

She does appear to be a bit pale so I'll take her in for a blood test on Monday to see if all is okay in her system. She can stand up but was a bit intimidated with the new surroundings.

UPDATE: This baby came from a monitored nest near Deaver so much of her short life history is known. She's now proven to be able to make live kills so her stay here should be a short one. I may actually put TUMBLER in with her so he can also learn how to catch prey. Then they could both be released at the same time in the same area.

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