Saturday, July 4, 2015


Actually I named him WILLY. He was found by two young men out walking near the river off the Willwood Road south of Powell. This is an adult male Red-tailed Hawk who is very starved and has a cloudy right pupil. Because of the holiday weekend I will not be able to have him checked over until this coming week if I can get an appointment with Dr. Barry Welch, my eye doctor.

Perhaps, if it's a cataract, it can be removed and the bird will recover enough for release. In the meantime he's enjoying unlimited meals to help bring his weight up to where it should be.

UPDATE: Sad news. Dr. Welch examined his eyes today and found him completely blind in his right eye from a cataract. He also has one started in his left eye which would eventually render him completely blind. He was euthanized today.

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