Thursday, June 25, 2015

More wee babies

This has been an extraordinary year so far and today made it more so. I got a call this afternoon from a rancher near Absarokee, MT. They are putting up hay and unfortunately the swather hit and killed a female short-eared owl. They rescued the three babies before calling. When I got there I was expecting branchers at this time of year.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found these teeny chicks. I would estimate them to be 2-4 days old, I'll check with my owl expert in Canada to be sure. One is rather weak altho he's not the smallest by weight. He comes in at 40 grams, the other small one is 25 grams and the Hulk is 75 grams.

Now I'll have to print out a picture of an adult short-ear to make a mask as I did with the baby golden eagle. Their eyes aren't open yet so I'm safe for a few days. They're also eating well, mouse pieces handed to them on the end of forceps. Hopefully the weakest one will soon catch up.

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