Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another first

Just as I was getting ready to take GRUMPY for her release I got a call from Justin about a small owl he'd found caught in a barbwire fence. He said he was in Basin and as I was going through that town I stopped and picked it up.

The little owl turned out to be a juvenile Short-eared Owl. I've had few adults but this is the first youngster for me. He's absolutely adorable and is in excellent condition. His name is JAKE altho I'm not sure it's a male. Weighing in at almost 13 ounces, he's obviously learned how to hunt or is still under the care of the parents.

He'll be here for a while until I know he's okay. I didn't find any wounds, perhaps he's so small that once his chest feathers were caught he was too far from the barbs to do damage.

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