Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tall one

On Tuesday I drove to east of Buffalo to release the osprey. Then that night, after I'd gone to bed, I got a call from a man in Riverton about a sandhill crane who had been hit by a car. On Wednesday morning I drove another long distance to pick up this very large bird, DAGGER, near the Honor Farm. The mate had been calling for him but to no avail.

Unfortunately his left wing is badly broken, both radius (in one place) and ulna (in three places). Amazingly all bones are in good alignment so tomorrow (Friday), Dr. Blessing is going to do surgery to repair the fractures. Both bones will be pinned so it'll be many weeks before I'll know if he can fly again.

I believe this is a Greater Sandhill Crane, he's very large in stature. They aren't the safest birds to handle. They can't grab you with a foot but their beak is very pointed and they're very quick at striking shiny things. Eyes being the most shiny thing I'll have to be very careful when working around him.

PS: He does have two legs, he's just holding his left one up near his body.

NOTE: Sad news, just as the surgery was winding down his heart gave up and he died. Such a loss.

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