Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another mystery

Just when I think I know what kind of bird it is something comes along to keep me on my toes. I received these baby ducks today from Basin, they were found at the local public pool with no adults in sight. Thanks to Heather for driving them here.

They are very small and I'm about 100% sure they're Wood Ducks. Their huge friend is the baby mallard I've had for a week or more while trying to find an adult pair to foster him with. Now that he has company it isn't as critical.

I've sent a note and this photo to the Wood Duck Society for a positive ID on the new arrivals. In the meantime, they will be moved to a bit larger room so they can enjoy their water dish without making such a mess.

NOTE: It's been confirmed, they are woodie ducklings and are going to live at the WJH Bird Resources in Billings, MT. They raise waterfowl, both common and rare, and have great knowledge of all species including the diet these little ducks eat. I'm meeting their representative tomorrow for the hand off. They're even taking the lone mallard.

I visited their facility last year as they took over the care and releasing of Ms. PIGGY, the baby squirrel I raised. It's a super home for any bird who swims.

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  1. How nice that you have such a good place to place the little Woodies, and the young mallard, also. A story with a happy ending. :-)