Tuesday, June 2, 2015

She's off

Today was a most exciting time for me and others but especially GRUMPY. I drove more than three hours over the mountains to the east to Leiter, WY. That's about 35 miles east of Buffalo. The drive was outstanding, the national forest was awesome. It was a bit chilly on top but then the snow still on the ground had something to do with that.

Tracy Jones from Powder River Energy was there with a big camera and took shots of the release. The rancher who originally found her was gracious enough to let me release her back on his property. Of course I was worried she'd land on a power pole again but she didn't. There is an active osprey nest nearby but the adults are firmly in charge of it so she'll have to go farther afield.

I'll post a photo as soon as Tracy sends me some of his. Mine were a washout.

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