Saturday, May 30, 2015

New nest

My baby golden, TUMBLER, is now outside in a nest site in the eagle flight barn. She is now old enough and because there is an adult female in the barn I wanted her to have a role model.

The nest site is where my JULIE always stayed when laying eggs, altho they were never fertile. It's inside the tower which is made up of discarded sculpture boxes from the museum. I didn't want to take a chance on TUMBLER being injured by the adult so thanks to Nathan Horton there are doors on it.
We repurposed all the wood and wire in the construction but the hardest part was getting the box square. After sitting in the barn for almost two decades it had racked to one side a bit. Between the two of us asking each other, "what about doing this?", "do you think this would work?" "let's try ths", we finally got everything to work. Nathan is a very gifted builder and has lots of tools to get the job done.

She also now has two mirrors for company.
TUMBLER is growing quickly, now weighs 6#14oz, almost the weight of an adult male. She's also quickly getting her dark feathers as you can see in this photo. The next addition to this box is a large branch that will allow her to come out and flap those very large wings prior to flying.

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