Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My heart is sad

In the past couple weeks I lost two very dear friends. ROSIE gave me such wonderful rides whenever I went back to Illinois to visit my friends, Jan and Shari, or stopped to see them when on the way somewhere else. I met her when she was just a three year old in 1999. Thanks to the great training by Jan I was treated to a joyful experience on every trailride. She will be missed by everyone.

My second loss was of RASPUTIN.. He was a teenage Jack Russell terrier owned by my friend Susan, and one of only two male dogs allowed on my place. He came here to stay whenever Susan was out of town because his housemates would pick on the "old man" if they were kenneled together. Because of two bad elbows, RAZZLE DAZZLE had muscles in his hind end that allowed him to jump over tall buildings in a single bound but he had to be helped down from steps and furniture. His attitude was amazing and I will miss his spirit.

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