Friday, November 11, 2011

Unusual patient

At this time of year all the cranes and herons have migrated south from our area. With the exception of STILTS. I got a call about him this morning and was shocked to find him in the middle of Juby's trailer court just standing around. Luckily a caring lady called me and even helped round him up. He can't fly but he can run. Thank goodness he went to a small fenced area so I was able to net him.

The most amazing thing is that after being x-rayed it was shown his radius/ulna had been fractured in his right wing about 5-6 weeks ago. Somehow this bird did all the right things and the bones have healed in perfect alignment. The bad news is that he is short of groceries and not strong enough now to fly away.

I've found a wonderful place, Rogers Wildlife in Hutchins, TX, who have supplied the information I needed to feed him and keep him alive long enough to get permission to send him south to a much warmer winter area. Penny gave me a variety of foods that herons eat and altho I don't have the fish I do have all else. I've put out a message to my fishing friends to help, they usually do.

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