Thursday, November 3, 2011

My baby is gone

Today the last of my golden eagles flew away. SNOOPY came here back in the middle of July after being found on the ground. She was a couple weeks from flying and somehow fell out of her nest. Altho we searched the area we were never able to locate it so she came here and was put in the flight barn with an adult female, PATCH. (see previous posts on both birds)

Today my friend Susan and I drove back to near Byron and released this amazingly beautiful baby girl. She was reluctant to come out of the crate and her first flight wasn't long but short ones from one rock formation to another. The above photo shows her sitting on a point looking around and getting her bearings. Shortly afterwards she flew off and proved just how strong she's become in the past few months.

Her flight took her up, up and away in a large circle which Susan was able to video. I don't have it yet but when I get the tape I'll include it on the release tape shown above right in the video section of this blog.

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