Thursday, November 10, 2011

First of the season

As noted in a few previous posts, Rough-legged Hawks are hatched above the Arctic Circle and then migrate south for the Winter. And because they have no concept of humans or vehicles, they become injured by one or the other after they arrive. This beautiful baby of this year was probably hit by a car just north of Cody. Luckily Teresa saw him and realized that all was not okay. She called me and I easily caught him with a net.

As you can see, his left wing doesn't sit quite right but the x-rays show nothing broken or dislocated. He does have, however, a wound to the back of his wing near his shoulder that may account for the slight droop. He will spend a while in this smaller inside cage until I feel he can go outside to a larger pen so he can exercise his wing. Hopefully all will go well and he'll fly again and make the return migration North next March.

Oh yes, his name is TEDDY because he's just had a rough ride.

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