Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Number three, so far

Last Saturday I received a call from Dr. Dave Pendray. He and a friend were up pheasant hunting near Lovell when they discovered a Rough-legged Hawk that was unable to fly. At first I couldn't see anything wrong with the bird but his right wing was obviously the weaker of the two. I settled him in and was able to take him to Dr. Pedersen this morning.

We were surprised that his right wing is broken, there is one section of his ulna that is in many small pieces. The good news is that they are all pretty much in the correct position so there will not be a surgical repair of this damage. The only other strange thing is the very small amount of shrapnel in his right wrist.

DAVE is a great eater and with time he will be ready to fly back to his northern home when the roughies migrate this coming March.

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