Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sometimes it works....

And sometimes it doesn't. My handsome adult male red-tailed hawk, HARVEY, was euthanized today after a gallant fight against the odds. As mentioned in a previous post, he was found after being shot, probably with a shotgun. Some of the pellets were still in his body and his left wing was broken in many places.

Two weeks ago the pin in his ulna was removed and everything looked just fine, the breaks appeared to have healed beautifully. Today we removed the pin in his radius and that's when the new problem was noticed. He had, at some point in the intervening two weeks, rebroken his ulna at a previous site. Because the chances of those bones reattaching was very slim, and he would be hard to place as an educational bird, I made the horribly hard decision to put him to sleep.

He was a wonderful bird and I will miss seeing his alert expression greeting me every morning.

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