Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another baby

She's just beautiful but starving. PICKLE was found near Powell unable to fly. At first I thought her left wing was broken but xrays show it is okay, as is her right wing. She's very thin and if she hadn't been found would probably already be dead.

I've tubed her with Lactated Ringer's solution plus Carnivore Care. And she's also eaten two mice I handed her in small pieces. Right now I'm also considering that she may have WNV as she's not exactly all right. I'll have to see how it plays out after time passes.

UPDATE: Another sad event. She came to me on Saturday, ate well both that day and Sunday and by Monday she was almost totally blind. She could see some movement in her right eye but she could not see food that was presented to her. I had her humanely euthanized and her body sent to the state lab for testing. I believe she has WNV and have since warned the home owners where she was found to be sure to use repellent with DEET.

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