Friday, July 31, 2015

And another.....

Different species but still a youngster. This time it's HUDSON, a recently fledged Swainson's Hawk. He came from the town of Hudson which is between Riverton and Lander and famous for its steak houses. The baby is very thin and I feel it's because he may have been illegally held and then when he was flying was released. Unfortunately he has no clue about hunting for food.

The reason for my thoughts is because the whole time he was beside me driving back to Cody he was food begging. And every time he sees me while in his cage he begins again. Right now he's packing away mice and will soon be at an ideal weight. an imprint he can't be released back to the wild. He may be able to hunt and survive but won't recognize his own species when it comes time for him to join other swainson's for their long migration to South America for the winter.

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  1. Sounds like an imprint to me. I really wish people understood how harmful this is to animals.