Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Number five.....

Eagles now here at IBR, that is. This ones name is TREY, I know that means three. He's the fourth Bald Eagle to arrive here within the last few weeks but number three still here. One of them, DIRTY HARRY, was released back where he was found. And again, I made the three hour drive to Sheridan to pick TREY up at the game & fish office. I was very lucky in not being slowed down by tourists making the long, steep climb up the mountains and thru the Big Horn National Forest.

I don't know what's going on with the eagles in that area. This is an adult male but he's at least three or more pounds lighter than he should be. He's so weak he didn't hold his wings up to his sides, they just hung down as if he's exhausted. I've given him some fluids and critical care food through a stomach tube and will do that every four hours or so during the night. He's perching better now. I'll also have some tests run to see if we can pinpoint the problem

UPDATE: He's gone. He fought a good fight but he was too far down to bring back. Tests revealed he had a coccidia infection, which is in the intestines. He was so far down in weight and condition that even with medication he lost his battle. TREY is the second adult bald eagle from almost the same area to have this problem. He is a beautiful bird and will be missed in the wild world. At least now he's flying high and free, if only in my mind.

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