Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So thin.....

His name is DOVE because he's dark chocolate. This very awesome male baby Golden Eagle came to me this afternoon thanks to the USFWS driving him all the way to Cody from Lander. He was found in an oil field there barely able to walk. He's only about four months old and should weigh around eight pounds. He weighs just four pounds 14 ounces!

At this point it's an hour by hour struggle to keep him alive. He's had one feeding of fluids and will continue to receive them every four hours. The first one was straight Lactated Ringers, the second one in a few minutes will have 5% dextrose added. Then, if he's still alive I'll add some AD critical care food to the fluids. It's a thick pudding consistency and will be diluted somewhat so it will go through the stomach tube.

Keep your fingers crossed and your good thoughts on this very sick little baby. Thank you.

SAD NOTE: Baby DOVE died last night. His body will be sent to the WY State Vet Lab for an autopsy and testing for WNV.

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