Monday, August 12, 2013

Small package

His name is TEENY TIM. This beautiful little bird is a Prairie Falcon weighing only nine ounces, much too little for his species, sex and age, about four months old. As you can see he has a bandage on his right wing as it may be broken. He goes in today for xrays. I got him from Diane, in Gillette, as she is now retired but someone forgot to tell a local vet. TIMMY was dropped off at the office but unfortunately no information on him was left there. When Diane got him he was so weak he couldn't stand. She gave him fluids and got up every four hours to give him some boneless/skinless rat pieces along with the fluids.

He is much better after only two full days of good food. He is strong enough to get up onto his perch and is taking the boneless/skinless pieces of quail that I hand him with forceps. This afternoon I may give him the quail carcass to pick on by himself to see if he is strong enough for that.

UPDATE: The xrays showed a fractured radius/ulna in his right wing near the elbow. Because of his weakened state the surgery to repair the breaks will have to wait until at least the beginning of next week. In the meantime he is now ripping and tearing his own food off the bones of quail and small mice.

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