Friday, August 23, 2013

Awesome visitors

The past couple of weeks has been very interesting here. As I was driving down my road I caught a flash of bright yellow/orange out of the corner of my eye. Luckily the adult male Bullock's Oriole stopped on sagebrush so I could get a good look at him through my binoculars. Brilliant bird. Then a couple days later, as I was pulling up to my front gate, I saw three unusual birds in my trees. Turns out they are female Bullock's. I immediately put out some cut oranges for them in case they came back. They must have, the oranges are gone so I have to put more out.

Then on Tuesday, as I was driving away from my place, a large bird flew off the top of one of my power poles. I thought it was a local redtail but after seeing the wing shape I stopped the truck and got out my binocs again. This time it was an adult Peregrine Falcon, the first one I've seen around here. S/he spent some time sitting on a fence post just watching the world go by.

And then there was the two osprey flying around and landing on power poles as I came back home from the Wednesday CSA. And a very rare sight these days, about two dozen nighthawks soaring all over about a mile from my house. They only eat when they're flying so apparently some sort of bug hatch was taking place.

It's always thrilling to see new species in the area, makes life more interesting.

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