Thursday, September 5, 2013

Isn't she cute?

Well I think so. Her name is CHARM and I made a trip down to the other side of Thermopolis to pick her up. I say her but don't know if that's correct. She was found by Tony in his yard not able to fly. I think her wings are just fine but legs, not so much. She has a weak left leg and a bad wound where her right leg attaches to her body. She's been down long enough for flies to blow that wound so I had to deal with cleaning the maggots out of it. A lot of them but newly hatched so not very big.

She'll go in tomorrow to have xrays and see just what damage has been done to her body. Hopefully it's just bruising and will heal quickly. The open wound will have to be sutured and she's already on antibiotics. That wasn't fun getting one down her as vultures are very accomplished in vomiting. I'll update her story as soon as I get more information.

UPDATE: Sad news again. The wound was so severe it was almost into her abdominal cavity. And her pelvis was fractured, her left foot didn't work at all. She was euthanized this morning. Her body will go to the natural history museum here in Cody for use in educational programs.

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