Monday, August 12, 2013

New roomies

I made an extended journey yesterday to Sheridan to release one bald eagle and hand over one long-eared owl to Diane from Gillette. At the same time she brought me two more eagles, a redtail and a prairie falcon. The two eagles are seen in this photo on the ground as they are here for further exercise after having their broken wings repaired.

The one on the left is MACK (for the name of the truck that hit her), on the right is DITTO, a four year old, as she's apparently just as mean and nasty as a former patient, PRISCILLA. DITTO was not only broken when the vehicle hit her, she also suffered pain when someone came along before the game and fish person arrived and pulled out all her tail feathers. They tried for the wing feathers too but they were very well attached so they were only broken. She now has replaced all the tail feathers, just the primary wing feathers to go.

There will be further photos of ROXANNE, up on the wall perch, as she's going to be released this week. She's not too sure about these strange colored roommates but they all seem to be working it out.

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