Monday, August 26, 2013

Another gold nugget

That's right I've received another Golden Eagle. This one came from the Sheridan area and thanks to Bob Berry she was flown here so I didn't have to make the total of six hours of driving there and back. His family was coming to Cody and the timing was perfect for the bird to come along.

As you can see in this photo, she's wearing a "sandal" on her right foot. For some reason she cannot open and close it. Remember FRANNIE? She had this in both feet and it ended up to be a very bad case of lead poisoning. A blood sample on this young female, FANCY, is on its way to the state vet lab for similar testing.

In the meantime she's started her chelation therapy and is wearing this footwear to keep her toes in a normal open position. As with FRANNIE, she will graduate to "toe shoes" as soon as possible. In the meantime she's eating all I've given her and seems to be okay in this stressful situation.

UPDATE: The lab results are back and she does NOT have lead poisoning. Thank goodness as she now won't have to endure the six shots a day any longer. Of course now I don't have a reason for her foot clenching but perhaps it's some injury that will work itself out given time and the bracing she's wearing.

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