Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wow ! ! ! !

I just got back from picking up a goose. Not an ordinary goose but a very amazing breed. I was answering a call from some fishermen who had this bird join their float trip and followed them to the pull out near the Corbett bridge. It wouldn't let them touch it but when I came right up to it and sort of "honked" I was able to reach out and gather it up.

This is a very beautiful and very expensive Sebastopol Goose, a breed that was developed in Europe in the middle 1800s. They are not flighted because the feathers are so curly there's no lift when they flap their wings.

I will try to find the owner but if not I guess I'll have a permanent large white bird at IBR.

Well Pooh! The owner turned out to be a neighbor about a mile from me as the crow flys. She'd been out of town when something got into the pasture and apparently scared the geese and they somehow got through the fence. She's still missing three more of these amazing birds. I hope she finds them and not just a pile of feathers.

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